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Kitchener Painting

photo credit: digipam Should I wallpaper or paint my walls? Everyone has their own personal preference. Some firmly on the side of wallpaper, and other stand-up firmly for painting. Each one has its advantages and Kitchener painting campanies can help you or you can do it yourself.  Paint Painting is one of the best ways to […]


Painting Waterloo

photo credit: Casey Serin Clean- State has a   new face!  We are coming up to our 20th anniversery and we have updated our website. There is going to be some bugs we will have to work out – So if you hit a page it might not work – here and there. Anyway we have been […]


Painting with a scaffold

    Painting with a scaffold can be quite dangerous if not trained how to use them properly. Many of the upscale homes being built today have great rooms that are 20 feet high and sometimes the only way to work is with a scaffold. This project was a great room for a customer who was […]


Painting a Great Room

   Painting a great room can be quite a job as they are almost 20 feet high most of the time and to get a professional look is not something a do it yourselfer will be able to acheive very easily. This was a residential home and the client was very good with design and colors. In the […]


One of our latest painting projects – Technology

   This was a large project involving gutting and Industrial unit and totally redoing the    inside. Our part of the project was spray painting the exterior siding, painting the white ceiling, all of the concrete block, and the office walls. It was a pleasure working on this as we finished the job we had a great […]