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Commercial Painting

Painting Industrial Ceiling

  Here we are Painting an Industrial Ceiling in a dance studio in Waterloo.  We did paint the walls also but I don’t have any photos of  the complete finished job.               So here we can see all the duct work is finished and were ready to start Priming […]


Painting Bank Exterior

This was a job we did in the summer. We had to stain the top board area with a dark brown stain. We had to use a lift because it would be a lot of work going up and down ladders.               Second Photo shows the street area and […]


Painting Industrial Unit

This was an Industrial Unit we painted after a fire. we sealed and painted the ceiling and walls. They had soda blasted the wood rail and it looked like new, so we protected it as they were not painting it.


Painting Interior Steel Doors

These are some Photos of painting Interior Steel Doors Photo #1    First we use var sol or paint thinner to remove the oil that is usually on the doors from the factory. there are stickers that have to be removed as well and possibly use paint thinner to remove the glue. Then we have to […]


One of our latest painting projects – Technology

   This was a large project involving gutting and Industrial unit and totally redoing the    inside. Our part of the project was spray painting the exterior siding, painting the white ceiling, all of the concrete block, and the office walls. It was a pleasure working on this as we finished the job we had a great […]