Maybe you just moved into a new home and the kitchen cabinets are terribly outdated and in need of a kitchen cabinet makeover . Hopefully you have some spare money after your purchase, there are many options for your cabinets to have the look and feel you want. One of the cheapest ways to upgrade your kitchen look, is simply to replace the handles of the kitchen cabinet with a style that suits better. Replacing a kitchen cabinet hinges can greatly enhance the look and functionality of old kitchens as well. Also, to get the most out of your cabinets for the least amount of money, think about adding a kitchen cabinet organizer to keep your pots, pans and utensils in their proper places.

Those who have a little more money to spend on renovations can go all the way and Paint the cabinets and doors. Depending on your skill level at painting and your budget you might take on the task yourself or hire a professional. Make sure you wash the doors of food and grease really well as it could bleed through to your finish coats. We usually use Mr clean and Varsol, Varsol is for grease and Mr Clean for food stains.  Spraying the doors is the best finish you’ll get over brush and roller. Might be able to set up something in your garage. Oil primer is a must if you want to seal in any oils and stop them from bleeding through. sand before final top coat with 320 grit. A couple good ones for finish are cabinet coat, Advance. You should spend some time getting the spray so it looks good on test doors. the boxes can be sprayed or rolled. just make sure you protect the kitchen!! We do both but mostly we roll the boxes, we charge more for spraying for the protection.

Next level you can replace the doors for a newer look if like the kitchen’s layout, where the sink, fridge and stove are. Some people can order new doors and change them but it can be tricky figuring out the hinges and how the doors will align properly. this could be a good time to change out the old hinges for soft close. You can paint all the same and you have a nice Kitchen makeover. This would typically cost something like double what painting would cost if your contracting out.

Finally you have your full blown new kitchen, which may start with a designer and changing the whole layout, taking out walls and new lighting and new kitchen. This may cost $15,000 and up. We mostly do kitchen cabinet painting, new doors and can do some small kitchens and modifications. Many things to consider in your kitchen cabinet makeover.