Modern Day Painter
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Should I wallpaper or paint my walls? Everyone has their own personal preference. Some firmly on the side of wallpaper, and other stand-up firmly for painting. Each one has its advantages and Kitchener painting campanies can help you or you can do it yourself.


Painting is one of the best ways to decorate walls. It is simple and you can use a wide range of colors. The variety is truly amazing, with shades of subtly different colors and tones. This can become a problem though: too many options. Even among whites, there are several shades: pearl, cream off white, eggshell, chalk, Queen Anne lace.  One color book contained some fifty different shades of white for a decorator to choose from.

In addition to the tones and shades, You are allowed a choice of types. This applies beyond interior painting and extends to glossy, matte and flat finishes, and anything else. Brightness catches light and reflects it, intensifies color, matte is dull, neutral, letting the color speak for itself.

All these features of painting must be factored in. You need to decide your goal of what you want the room to look like, the colors needed to best present your desire or your intention and if painting is a practical means to acheive what you want.

When considering painting a room, do not forget the tools. Rollers, trays and brushes are the basic means of getting a room done. Step ladders and / or scaffolding (in rooms with high ceilings) are also part of the necessary equipment. The preparatory work required sponges, spatulas (to fill the holes), scrapers and sanding blocks (to smooth the putty-filled holes). You’ll need a cloth or two or three. The cost of these items can be added, and, You’ll need some expensive brushes to perform well, which you can always get from Kitchener Painting Retailers.

The cost of good paint is not cheap as well. Sales and end of lines can reduce costs and, in a small area, you may be able to pick up the paint from a  disposal site or Habitat for Humanity.

Besides price, paint is easy to apply, durable, and it is easy to clean.


Wallpapering is usually very complicated and frustrating. Paper sheets tear easily have to be glued to hide the tears, If the paste applied to large areas is not under the surface, the paper will not stick properly so apply the paste lightly and evenly and slide the paper off the wall then you have to spread the paper with your spreader.

Today, much has changed and everything is for the better. Wallpaper, now known as wall coverings is a variety of different substances. It comes in vinyl, fabric, cloth, grass and paper.

The new sheets do not rip or tear as easily as it did in the past. A vinyl coating finish ensures that it is durable and easy to clean. As with painting, there are a myriad of different options. You can decide what type, on the basis of suitability for both the location and preferences to your taste in decorating.

Like painting, the quality can vary depending on the price and the manufacturer. Unlike painting, however, wallpaper is not really a lonely job. You need that extra pair of hands and eyes, the latter to tell if the piece you are hanging is straight.

Papered wall preparation is similar to painting. The small bumps must be removed. The walls must be sanded and all holes filled. If the wall is already covered, strip it and prep it

In the end, if you choose paint or paper, depends on a number of factors – including your preference. In the world of retail today, there are plenty of kitchener painting shops ( Heers, Dulux, Home depot) that offer advice on each of these and manage a wide range of products. Before deciding, consider the work done and consider what will be the most appropriate method. And do not ignore the possibility of combining the two methods. Painting and Wallpapering are not exclusive methods of decoration, but can be very complementary.

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