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Painting Cabinet Doors

So you have a Kitchen that could use a makeover, What to do?

Kitchen has the uglies!

You can Get a New one, Reface with new doors if your ok with the layout or you can paint it. We can help with the last 2 choices.

Refacing involves buying new doors and possibly adding some trim and making it all match. Painting is the least expensive option and involves taking the doors to our shop and cleaning, sanding, and painting the doors to near new condition. We have another service that involves just painting the doors. We call it DIY – do it yourself kitchen makeover where we do the doors and you or a friend paint the boxes in the house. It’s not so hard if you are a half decent painter, I can walk you through the process when you drop off the doors. Our paint is a commercial water based Lacquer and it’s very easy to work with, best part… you save money! and still get fantastic looking doors which is 90% of the job.

Even if you were to buy new doors yourself you still have to paint the cabinet doors or finish them with a coating. All our doors are spray finished in our factory location. If you’re curious to see how much it costs, it’s as easy as sending 3 or 4 pictures to our email. Send us a message, we are glad to help you with your kitchen cabinet painting or kitchen makeover. This is a kitchen before and after we did in Brantford. We did the painting of the cabinet frames in the house and Modified the Microwave cabinet.

When we spray paint the doors, we clean and sand the doors, then we prime and sand and spray 2 more finish coats giving a very smooth durable finish.

painted door
Oak Door Painted
Oak Door Painted

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